In Warren Zevon’s song “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” he sings “… send lawyers, guns, and money, Dad, get me out of this!”

Don’t be singing the same blues. Today is the day that the new gun law, ACT 2013-283, goes into effect in Alabama. The act, among other things, allows employees, in certain circumstances, to keep firearms in their vehicles while they are parked on an employer’s premises, even if doing so is against the employer’s wishes.

As an employer, you need to ensure that your workplace violence policy and policy on firearms on company premises are compliant with the new law. More importantly, your company and your policies need to be clear with employees on their obligations under the law, while taking advantage of those portions of the law that allow reasonable inquiries into employees possessing such firearms and any related discipline for violation of such policies.

If you have no policy on this important subject, you may want to consider having one to clearly communicate your company’s expectations regarding compliance with the law and managing issues that arise concerning firearms on company premises.

Please contact us if you would like to bring your policy up to date, or need a new policy compliant with current law.

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