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Training And Seminars


F&B has presented for IPC EMS Management Training Certification Program and at NCMA World Congress.

Other Contract Topics include:

Risk Allocation and Critical Areas of the Contract
Best Practices in Teaming Agreements
Reducing Risk in Your Purchasing Terms and Conditions
Contract Indemnity and Limitation of Liability Provisions
Important Attributes of Vendor Managed Inventory
International Commercial Contracting
Key Concerns Specific to International Contracting
Planning and Drafting Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Clauses
Risky Business in Procurement Contracting
Indemnity and Limitation of Liability Clauses
Elements of an EMS Contract
Delivery Terms and Allocation of Risks in Commercial Contracts Under the UCC, CISG and Incoterms 2010
Manufacturing Contracting Workshop – Contracting with the Customer
Contract Disputes Act and the Disputes Process
Incoterms 2010
UCC Overview


Law Enforcement Officer Training
Search and Seizure
Pursuit Liability
Classification of videos and data retention
Legal issues related to body cams
Dispatcher Training
Civil and Criminal Liability
General Academy and In-Service Training
Legal issues related to Electronic Control Weapons


Human Resources
FLSA Compliance
FMLA Compliance
Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations
Immigration Compliance for Employers
EEO and Related Laws
HIPAA and other Privacy Rules
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Managing Gender Identity in the Workplace
Human Resources Recordkeeping
Responding to EEOC Charges of Discrimination
Guns and Violence in the Workplace


Risky Business in Construction Contracts
Navigating Storm Water’s Legalities
Show Me the Money – A Guide to “Getting Done and Getting Paid” on Construction Projects