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Police Civil Liability Defense

The defense of lawsuits alleging police misconduct is a highly specialized area of the law demanding experienced and competent counsel. These cases typically involve complex issues of constitutional law, criminal procedure, tort law, and the continuously-evolving body of law surrounding 42 U.S.C. § 1983. F&B Law Firm, P.C., is committed to staying abreast of he changes and trends in these areas of law to meet its goal of providng clients with efficient, winning, and cost-effective strategies and solutions.

Police civil liability defense cases require particularized knowledge and expertise asserting immunities and other defenses that are unique to police officers and their government employer. In this practice area, our lawyers have a wealth of experience and a superior track record in aggressively defending against claims of:

  • excessive force
  • false arrest
  • assault and battery
  • malicious prosecution
  • unlawful detention
  • unlawful search
  • denial of medical care
  • various other alleged civil rights violations.

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