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Veterinary Law

Most veterinary practices, whether dealing with small or large animals, tend to be smaller businesses. The DVM or Practice Manager must wear many hats and keep abreast of constant changes in best practices in patient care and new medications, in addition to doing all the things required to hire, compensate, retain, and discipline employees of the practice, and comply with ever-changing state and federal laws regarding the business aspects of the practice.

F&B Law Firm, P.C., can advise Alabama veterinary clinics with respect to implementation of policies and procedures which minimize the risks and headaches in dealing with employee issues associated with screening and hiring employees, employee discipline, workplace harassment, and worker’s compensation.  It can also help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws regarding payment and classification of employees, handling and dispensing controlled substances, “red flag” identity theft issues, illegal discrimination, veterinary and related liens, and other workplace and business issues.

Our firm publishes the “Matters of Law” column in the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association monthly newsletter available online at https://www.alvma.com/, which provides timely practical tips and updates to practitioners regarding  current legal trends and matters.

F&B Law Firm, P.C., can provide your practice with practical and cost-effective advice, audits for compliance, and checklists specific to your business which can help prevent employee problems, help ensure legal compliance, and allow the DVM’s in your practice to focus on patient care, and other endeavors critical to the financial success of the practice.

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