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General Civil Litigation

Focusing primarily on the representation of corporate clients and business professionals, F&B Law Firm, P.C., prosecutes and defends a diverse range of civil cases in both state and federal courts. Handling civil litigation matters requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant area of law regardless of whether the lawsuit involves a contract-related dispute, business tort, or personal injury, as well as a thorough understanding of our client’s business and litigation objectives.

At F&B Law Firm, P.C., we pay attention to our clients and work closely with them to resolve their legal issues efficiently and economically. Our lawyers are skilled in all aspects of litigation, including:

  • pleading and motion practice
  • discovery techniques
  • retention of expert witnesses
  • settlement strategies
  • trial
  • appeal

Although defending lawsuits is not a profit center for any business, we also recognize that certain cases simply need to be tried, and that in this situation our clients need accomplished trial lawyers – not just “litigators.” As a result, we cultivate trial lawyers the way some oversized firms cultivate researchers and brief writers. Our depth of experience, our record of success in all aspects of trial and appellate work, and our commitment to providing superior quality work product for good value sets us apart from other litigation firms.

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